Bluetooth Keyboard Case with Touchpad for 2018 and 2020 12.9″ iPad Pro


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Your iPad Pro’s on-screen keyboard can be convenient to use on the go, but let’s face it – typing away on a physical keyboard makes the job much faster. There are keyboards that may connect with your device, but many of these require cables and wires that just eventually create a tangled mess on your desk or inside your bag. What you need is a wireless keyboard that provides extra protection against scratches at the same time.


No matter how careful you are in handling your iPad Pro, your device will eventually graze or bump against something. This keyboard case is made of durable ABS material that will keep your pricey tablet looking fresh and top-of-the-line. It shields your device against scratches and abrasions. Place your device in the protective case while you are traveling to help protect against bumps and impact.


Tired of holding up your iPad Pro whenever you watch your favorite movies or video call friends? The keyboard case shows off a clamshell bracket design with integrated hinges. These hinges allow you to set the viewing angle from 0 to 130 degrees – say goodbye to sprained necks or painful shoulders while binge-watching or reading eBooks! The stand also frees your hands for other tasks, such as cooking or crafting.


Make your iPad Pro stand out from the crowd whenever you use it with this keyboard case. The keys are backlit with 7 rainbow colors, making your gadget look like a device from your favorite Sci-Fi movie. The case has a sleek, matte finish that complements your iPad Pro’s modern vibe. It also features accurate cut-outs, giving you full access to your device’s speakers, camera, buttons, microphone, and charging port.



This keyboard case for the iPad Pro houses a 450mAh rechargeable lithium battery under its hood. With each charge, you get to use the wireless keyboard for up to 80 hours non-stop (with the backlights turned off). If you prefer to have the backlights turned on, you may use the keyboard case for up to 2.5 hours. The auto sleep/wake function also helps save power, automatically turning off the keyboard and the iPad when not in use.



Your iPad Pro slides in easily into the protective case. Pairing is also incredibly simple. No drivers or installation software needed.

Open the cover and slide the Off/On button to activate the keyboard. Turn your iPad Pro’s Bluetooth on and press the “Fn” and “C” keys to open your keyboard’s Bluetooth. Search for the keyboard case on your iPad Pro’s Bluetooth connections and select it to complete the process.


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